Sunday, October 30, 2005

Poem - El Día de los Muertos

the Day of the Dead crawls closer, closer,
candles lean towards dark
as I linger on the threshold my mind sees eyes,
masked spirits smile in lipless faces,
pointed teeth, chewing the flesh of the hanged,
cloaked ghouls climb the black clouds
chanting at the stars,
dead language spells echo in the wind,
the mist of power rises with the moon
and it becomes as ghost.
I am wizard in that hour
join me on my altar,
,.be my bride, ..of dark, ..of death.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Poem - The Stone

I feel the stone
and through the stone the earth
and my past
and my future
as I am grounded in my present
in the ridges and hollows
are the rise and fall of my heart
as I live out my destiny
to tell of the stone
to tell of the earth
to tell of the journey
my journey on the surface of the stone
I am but a dust mote
pitched from place to place
on the whim of the wind
I scatter some seeds of poems
to be carried on the beaks of birds
to be mixed in the whispers of the wind
for the one who will hear my message
and come to me bearing treasure
the treasure of truth
in that one line
of love


Really you need to have your hand on a stone of some sort when you read this poem, take a moment let your mind mesh with the stone and its memories....

I have this stone which is with me always and is there with strong silent support when I need it most, is there a stone in your life ? ;-)  ..this poem is to the stone, the stone... long live the stone....hail to the stone.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Poem - Away with the Fairies

monday was fairly moderate
i wrote a mundane poem
had breakfast, dinner and tea in the right order
but then I lost tuesday and wednesday
I was away with the fairies
a black bag over my head
I woke up a slave in a fairy factory
in the wood chopping dept for 48 hours
winter threatens
I told myself this can't be happening
but as usual I wouldn't listen
personally I don't remember a thing
I found a press release in my pocket
looks around nervously
....from the fairies....
it says

we regret any inconvenience
keep taking the tablets

I watched in the mirror
as I searched frantically for the tablets
I saw myself find another bottle
the idea of emigrating to the fairies territory faded
I remembered banging my head on their low doors
and slaving in the wood dept
then celebrated my freedom


'away with the fairies' is a phrase in common use here in Ireland, generally it means
the person's sanity is in question,
they have lost the plot,
their cheese has slid off their cracker,
their head is gone.. the list is endless. 

However like anything here in Ireland there is another level of communication going on, the stuff people don't want to talk about which is always talked about in code or obscure references... just in case someone is listening, the kay jay bay.. or equivalent - as they say в Москве.. ;-)