Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poem - The Moan of the Pine

the almost silent moan of the pine
passed to the excited sycamore
it’s leaves flapping
with news of the wind
and so to the garrulous ash
half dead leaves reanimated
rushing off cackling and cracking
dancing in swirls and twirls
like old ghosts no one fears


at my old place I had these pines and late on a moonlit night the ghosts gather...

By Drax Ireland

Monday, February 09, 2009

Poem - If..


Valentines Day focuses on the boy or girl that has a boy or girl... the lonely hearts are in the wings, wilting, waiting, wishing....

if I was a bird
you are the colour on my wings
if I was a fish
you are the rainbow on my back
if I was the land
you are the flower growing in me
if I was a star
you are the light shining from me
if I was a song
you are my music
if I was that boy
you are my girl
if only
if only