Monday, October 08, 2012

Poem - An Old Bottle Of Imagination

I found an old bottle of imagination under the sink
even the date was out of date
I thought the hell with it
lets risk it

like a vintage poison
it brought death to old thoughts
I convulsed a little
fairly normal with this shade of green

I was away then in a cow filled sky
cobweb trees fluttering in the wind
bird spiders monkey jumping in delight
an orange grass corn field caressing me surrounding me

a long line of voluptuous body posts
decadent immoral dirty in the swell of the field
I rested in their shade of black
licking at the sounds of six legged horses

I was in a painting, panting
from the heat of busy brushes
drawing a bizarre future in miniature
a corner of my eye oblongated

I stepped carefully among the shit pyramids
wondering of the animal’s anus, Darwinasstic J
the fish duck plopping pedantically on my path
stepping aside to avoid the tickle of scaly feathers

then the sharp mountains crept up on me
I fell through their zigzags
my grip on reality slipping..


By Drax Ireland