Friday, July 04, 2008

Poem - The Print Dress

a print dress in a cottage window
nice colours, patterns reds blacks
but what do I know about dresses
except taking them off
and even then
manys a half off situation
love / life half off
most of nearly everything the same
it becomes a habit
the fun is in the imagining the off
then in a fast lane the dresses coming thick and fast
one day you wonder what did I do to deserve this
like it was bad
the money flowing
the girls wowing
then the dresses fading
their print pattern turns to greys
I struggle to pick the correct image from the line up
Where are you guilty ? own up, step forward
your bright brand new best cleavage in the spotlight
like an old war movie we stand transfixed
focused on the cleavage
as if it was the first one we’d seen
maybe it was...
the perfection, the angle of reveal
the sexquotient
all adding up to more original sin
so where now god ?
'here, have some more sin
the cleavage is on the house…'

It really happened, I was driving along the road and saw this dress hanging in the window of a house on the edge of the road, bright colours like stop lights @ a railroad crossing.... so there I was, drawn to it magpie like... trying to / hoping to dodge the train... *laughs*

By Drax Ireland