Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Poem - The Incessant Bell

the bell was ringing incessantly
what could it mean
a bomb – surely no, Gerry is here
but shit, the conspiracy theorists
a fire,
I smell no smoke
home time – couldn’t be already
tea time – that must be it
I might go down to the canteen, sorry,
the Members dining area
and get a cup of tea and a kit kat
I wonder when there will be a vote
about something
these boyos don’t do much here
ah well €8,234.28
not bad for a month
Background: extract from a story yesterday relating to TD voting patterns...

Kerry South Tom Fleming, a new TD, only voted on six of the 20 occasions he was signed in.

But last night he said it took him a few days to understand that the bells that ring around Leinster House before votes were for calling TDs to the chamber..

By Drax Ireland