Saturday, December 07, 2013

Poem - Looking Back at Earth

looking back at earth
that pang of regret
will I see her again
or feel the pull of her g
the drug of the space junkie
take in small doses only
for now free in flight 
my mind roams unhindered
far behind the networked ad hoardings
their cheap laser light pale 
in the rich black blue of space
starlight reflected in the metal seed
all around
feed me  nurture me  protect me 
as down the fallopian road my ship crawls
a few parsecs more
from the body of the earth mother
just as in far history
the first mothers
carried the ancestors 
on the inside
or so they say
body to body
seed to skin
m times v = f
as I force myself out into
the universe
here I am 
I of earth
I of earth