Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Boycott israeli goods

We invented boycott in Ireland - it is one alternative to violence

A boycott is an act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country as an expression of protest, usually for social or political reasons. Sometimes, it can be a form of consumer activism. Source: Wikipedia

Charles Stewart Parnell 

Speaking at Ennis on 19 September 1880, prominent Irish leader Charles Stewart Parnell said;-

“When a man takes a farm from which another had been evicted you must shun him on the roadside when you meet him, you must shun him in the streets of the town, you must shun him in the shop, you must shun him in the fairgreen and in the marketplace, and even in the place of worship, by leaving him alone, by putting him in a moral Coventry, by isolating him from the rest of his country as if he were the leper of old, you must show your detestation of the crime he has committed”. 

This type of “moral Coventry” was used in the case of Captain Boycott, a County Mayo land agent, who was isolated by the local people until his nerve broke. This led to a new word entering in to the English language, boycotting.

There is a long standing boycott campaign against israeli goods and it is past time that it was universally adopted.  Identifying anything with a 729 barcode is obviously very easy but to be effective the boycott must extend far beyond that. CRH must be brought to heel, but that is for another day...

Additional articles on boycott to follow shortly. Please see the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign on current campaigns;- http://www.ipsc.ie/campaigns/consumer-boycott

From Rafeef Ziadah - theguardian.com, Monday 28 July 2014 09.36 BST

"The attack on Gaza is not a war between two equal sides. It is an onslaught by a powerful military state, armed and supported by the west, against an impoverished, besieged and displaced people. The talk of governments is cheap. As long as talk is all there is, the life of our children remains even cheaper. We must step up our boycott, divestment and sanctions, campaigning internationally to end Israel’s impunity."

Stand with Palestinian workers in Gaza: a call for trade union solidarity

Posted on July 30, 2014 by The Palestinian trade union movement and the Congress of South African Trade Unions
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